10 Health Benefits of Maca Root

Maca, the Sacred Inca Medicine

Maca is a sacred plant that has been cultivated by the Incan and pre-Incan tribes in Peru for thousands of years in the remote mountains of the Andes (4000m above sea level). The Incan descendants call Maca the “food for the brain” when is prepared the correct way. According to studies, locals are some of the happiest and healthiest people on the planet. They claim their good health and longevity are all because of the Sacred Maca Root. Thankfully these days we use science and research to determine the health benefits of this superfood and its best way to take it.

Below we explore the 10 top benefits of Maca Root for men and woman.

1. More energy & less body fatigue

People in Junin, Peru, assure Maca provides them strength and resilience to stress and they affirm that Maca’s Spirit protects them from illnesses. We now know that as an adaptogen, Maca has demonstrated improvements in the function of the HPA axis, which results in a reduction of stress hormones and improvement in nervous system function. By improving the function of the master glands and how they respond to stress the body can begin to feel more energised, vitalised and less likely to crash during times of stress. Studies also suggest that Maca can improve mitochondrial function and metabolism, while providing enhanced athletic performance and stamina. The mitochondria is our body's energy producing centre and is essential to providing energy and vitality to our body and brain. So if you are looking for a natural solution to fatigue Maca can provide energy and stamina, while protecting from stress and burnout.

For energy, vitality and fighting fatigue we recommend maca for men or maca for women.

2. Support during PMS and menopause by balancing hormones.

Women in Junin (Peru) have been taking Maca for centuries for hormonal harmony, they use it during their teenage years and adulthood for relieving issues related to PMS and other hormonal imbalances and later in life during menopause. Large studies in women have demonstrated that regular consumption of Maca can improve hormonal balance and alleviate symptoms associated with these conditions. Maca can assist to relieve PMS symptoms like cramps, pain, mood-swings, cravings and to regulate menstrual cycles over time. Similarly, Maca can be a great option as a natural alternative for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), rather than pharmaceutical treatments in Menopause. Studies showed that maca reduced the severity of symptoms like hot flushes, mood swings, sexual dysfunction, pain, insomnia and more in menopausal women, independent of hormones. It is important to make clear that Maca DOES NOT stimulate hormone production but can help balancing them when we are facing hormonal changes.

For a natural hormonal harmoniser we recommend Maca for Woman and for assisting with menopausal symptoms we recommend:

3. Maca benefits thyroid function and metabolism

Thyroid dysfunction and autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s disease can provide symptoms like fatigue, intolerance of cold temperatures, low heart rate, weight gain, reduced appetite, poor memory, depression, muscle stiffness and reduced fertility. According to recent studies, Maca benefits thyroid function, so it can normalise our metabolism and return natural thyroid hormones production. Maca can be immensely helpful for people struggling with under-active thyroid function, it can improve their memory, their energy levels and their fat burning ability. Maca is an adaptogen, so it can also help people with both hyper-thyroid conditions (e.g. Grave’s disease) and hypo-thyroid issues. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms due to an unbalanced thyroid, Maca is a great option for you, just make sure you buy an activated form of maca, which is thyroid safe as eating it in a raw form can be damaging to the thyroid. All our maca is thyroid safe.

For thyroid function we recommend our:

4. Mental health enhancer; battling mood-swings, depression and anxiety

Maca is called the “food for the brain” for a reason, as it improves mental health, focus and function. Maca roots can be Yellow, Red, or black, and all of them have an effect on mental health. Yellow Maca can build long-term mental balance, Red Maca is used to reduce anxiety symptoms, and Black Maca promotes brain function for depression and brain fog. Maca can be a natural alternative for our brain to battle and prevent mental health disorders in both men and women. This has been confirmed by clinical research which shows that Maca can reduce psychological symptoms associated with mental health imbalances, including anxiety and depression independent of hormonal production. Further studies showed that all three colours of Maca presented similar antidepressant activity, so any of them can help depending on your symptoms, however we found that combining all 3 gives the best results. Maca is 100% natural and safe for consumption in order to help you with mental health and balance and can be taken alongside pharmaceutical antidepressants without contraindication.

For long-term balance we promote Maca for Men or Maca for Women. For short term acute issues we promote Concentrated Red Maca for stress and anxiety and Concentrated Black Maca for brain fog and depression.

Clinical Studies have shown that Maca can balance our mental health and reduces anxiety.

5. Maca can improve male and female fertility

Maca has a long history as a natural fertility enhancing food in Peru. The locals will warn you too much Maca will produce too many children. But for those struggling with their fertility there is strong evidence to support some of the indigenous claims. As a natural hormonal balancer, Maca can regulate female cycles and create a more fertile female pattern with more clearly defined fertile timeframes. Clinical research has shown that Maca increases the chances of conception and promotes the survival of fertilised embryos for women. In men, studies have shown that as well as enhancing libido and sexual function Maca can also increase sperm concentration, sperm motility, and sperm morphology. So, if you are trying to conceive, you should turn to Maca as it is a natural fertility enhancer and add it into both your daily routines to increase your chances.

For fertility we promote in women – Maca for Women and Concentrated Red Maca. In Men – Maca for Men and Concentrated Black Maca

6. Sexual function and libido in men and women

Maca is also known as an aphrodisiac and as having the ability to increase sexual drive. They don't call it Peruvian viagra for nothing. Clinical studies have shown that for males, Maca can improve parameters relating to sexual function and performance including ability to get and maintain an erection and also recovery time post copulation. Also, further research has demonstrated that Maca can significantly boost male libido and sexual desire. Maca has been shown to increase the production of nitric oxide which works to open blood vessels and increase blood flow to the genitals. This is also true for women, proving that Maca works as an aphrodisiac for both sexes. Women consuming Maca regularly women found improvements in sexual performance parameters as well as mood and mental health relating to sex. So, if you are looking to spice up your sex life, start adding Maca to you and your partner’s diet and enjoying the benefits of this natural aphrodisiac.

For libido we promote in women – Maca for Women and Concentrated Red Maca. In Men – Maca for Men and Concentrated Black Maca

7. Maca increases bone density and strength

Elderly people in Junin (Peru) live long lives and they continue to be physically active with strong bones and muscles well into their 90s or beyond. According to new clinical research, Maca is responsible for some of their longevity because it increases bone density, muscle strength and bone structure. More specifically Red Maca root was demonstrated to have unique bone properties to help for those who are struggling with osteoporosis by preventing bone degradation over time. Showing enhanced bone structure, density, strength and less risk of fractures and wear or tear, keeping you active as you age. For those men and women looking to keep their bones healthy and strong and to maintain an active lifestyle with age we highly recommend you consume our Red Maca root in your morning tea or breakfast every day.

For bone density, strength and stamina we specifically recommend our Concentrated Red Maca.

8. Maca can help men with prostate issues

Prostate function is essential for men to produce semen, hormones, erectile function, urine flow and sexual pleasure. As men age, especially after 40, the prostate gland gets larger, this is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This enlargement can cause a range of symptoms related to urination, bladder, and kidney problems.

According to a clinical study, Red Maca root was shown to reduce prostate size and swelling; and through a daily dose of Maca, prostate function improved. Interestingly both Yellow Maca and Black Maca showed little effect on this condition. A further study showed that Concentrated Red Maca even outperformed the most common drug used for prostatic hyperplasia, Finasteride. In the research it was shown that this form of Red Maca also had additional benefits such as not impacting on seminal vessel weight and interfering with testosterone production and DHT, this means, Maca only acts on size and function of the prostate and does not interfere with hormone production of testosterone. While in the same study men taking Finasteride found that it lowered their libido, men taking the Red Maca Concentrate actually found that it improved libido, sexual function and prostate function. So it seems a no-brainer when it comes to your prostate, daily consumption of Concentrated Red Maca may be a superior natural approach compared to current medical treatments that have been shown to often produce unwanted side effects.

For your prostate and libido in older men we promote our Concentrated Red Maca (10:1 extract) daily.

9. Mental focus, memory, cognition and co-ordination

Maca contains many components that work in the brain to activate brain function and enhance brain activity. In particular there are 19 different unique fatty acids known as macamides that have been shown to play different roles within our own endocannabinoid system (ECS) to alter the brain's response to stress and improve brain function. For these reasons Maca is known as a nootropic substance - one that can increase brain performance. According to a recent study, Maca was shown to improve cognitive function, motor coordination, endurance capacity and slow down age-related cognitive decline when consumed daily. The most effective Maca for improving brain function is the black form of Maca, it has superior benefits for memory, brain fog and as a natural antidepressant.

For brain or neuron related benefits we highly recommend our  Concentrated Black Maca

10. Maca can improve athletic performance and build muscle

Legends say that the Incan warriors would prepare themselves for battle by consuming up to 200g of maca per day! Keep in mind this civilization lived at 4000 meters above sea level with 40% less oxygen and needed all the help they could get at that altitude to improve muscle stamina, endurance and function to overpower their opponents. But when it comes to energy, strength and power Maca is the ultimate superfood to boost performance. Maca has been shown to enhance metabolism, promote muscle growth, build athletic endurance and also aid in recovery post exercise. Further to this it helps enhance oxygen uptake and enables the body to function more effectively during hypoxia (low oxygen levels), which is why the Incan people used it daily when living at such low oxygen altitudes. So for an athlete you can expect better performance, more endurance and strength.

According to a recent clinical trial, Maca was shown to improve athletic performance and trial times in high-performance cyclists. Athletes taking Maca found they were able to function at their optimum for longer without tiring so quickly and also experienced the added bonus of increased libido as a side-effect of taking Maca. Black Maca is the most effective form for strengthening muscles and endurance. While red Maca can assist well with recovery after exercise and help with muscle repair and muscle toning and shape. Our Maca for Men blend is ideal for training as it contains high levels of Black Maca but also a balance of the other colours to help in recovery and toning. Don't worry Maca for Men is not only for men, women can also take it to help with athletic performance as it doesn't contain hormones it works only with your natural hormone cycles. Our Concentrated Black Maca is perfect as a booster on workout days 1-2 hours before exercise to give you that acute boost you need.

For athletic performance we recommend daily Maca for Men and acute dosing of Concentrated Black Maca specifically before workouts.

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