La Maca brings balance to the masculine and feminine, representing the most sacred plant of Junin, Peru, with over 2000 years of traditional practice as a plant medicine. She embodies strength, resilience, balance, power and promotes self-healing.

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What is La Maca?

Maca is a sacred plant that only grows in the high mountains of Peru. The root of the Maca plant is used traditionally as a natural remedy to boost energy and bring balance to one's internal state while combating stress and fatigue. The powder made from Maca root supports natural hormone balance, promotes sexual function and increases libido in both men and women.

The different colours of Maca (red Maca, black Maca and yellow Maca) each hold unique properties. Maca is used to treat many conditions, however, the ratios of each colour consumed is dependent on the condition being treated. Yellow Maca root is the most common (65%) and the mildest form of Maca (65%). This Maca is traditionally used to build resilience and bring balance to our master glands. Yellow Maca powder benefits.

Red Maca root is less abundant (25%) than yellow Maca and is primarily used for acute treatment of constitutional imbalances and alleviating chronic conditions. Red Maca benefits conditions such as weakened bones, adrenal fatigue, specific hormonal imbalances (including PMS and menopause), poor circulation, anxiety, inflammation and autoimmunity.

The rarest form of Maca is black Maca root (10%). Black Maca benefits physical energy, cognitive capacity (brain fog), mental focus, brain function, mental health (as a natural antidepressant), physical performance, male fertility, sexual function and libido. This most sacred and wonderful Maca root is saved for the acute treatment of constitutional insufficiencies and chronic health conditions.

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How to eat Maca?

Maca is a starchy root vegetable, meaning it always needs to be cooked before consumption. This root should not be eaten raw, as consuming raw Maca can lead to harmful health effects. When choosing between raw Maca, activated Maca and gelatinised Maca, the heat treat options are always best. Seleno Health only sells heat ‘activated’ Maca (gelatinised Maca) which is pre-cooked, making it not only safe to consume but also improves the taste.

Maca is best combined with bitter foods such as cacao, spices and fruit. The most common forms of Maca are powder or small, crunchy pieces known as nibs. Maca nibs have an earthy, yet sweet, malt-caramel taste to them. Both the powder and nib form can be added to the breakfasts we know and love including fruit salad, porridge, granola, fruit juice and smoothies, or consumed in a tea, the traditional way to take Maca which can be infused with fruit or spices.

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