Activated Maca

Use The Power Of Maca In Your Life

Maca powder and maca tablets, Australia, have a multitude of health benefits across all facets of health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In our lovingly curated store, you will find scientifically researched, ethically sourced and premium quality Medicinal Activated Maca powder formulas for all health conditions from the mountains of Peru.

These maca plants have been nurtured with love and deep care by a community that survives because of the plant. We are so grateful to have met and been welcomed into this sincere, kind community that embodies the ideal state of humanity.

Research on maca is piling up as scientists, medical and health practitioners and big pharma race to find even more benefits from this amazing plant. There is a long list of benefits, but the top findings that they ALL agree on are the massive nutritional benefits of maca powder and maca tablets: 

  • High percentages of iron and iodine
  • These are vital for producing good quality cells and promoting good metabolic rates. 
  • Spade loads of potassium
  • This soothes your muscles, assists nerve function & digestion, helps nutrients get into cells, alleviates insomnia and helps cells excrete waste. 
  • High levels of calcium 
  • Contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals 

A true power pack of health in one plant! 

Maca is conveniently available in our capsules and tablets, but if you want powder options, we have that too. You can add it to the biscuits you are baking, your coffee, oats with coconut milk, a chilled fruit salad or a delicious smoothie or vegetable juice.

Like all plants, Maca can be cooked or used raw, but the maximum nutrients are obtained by using it raw.