Amaru (Serpent) Ceremonial Cacao Paste Block - 1kg
100% pure organic, single-origin, Peruvian ceremonial cacao paste. Australian-Peruvian owned and operated family business. Scientifically researched and supported by a Callaghan Innovation research grant. The Spiral in Andean cosmovision represents the Ukhu Pacha - the world below and the connection to our ancestors. This special ceremonial...
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Concentrated Red Maca
Red Maca is a rare and unique form of maca that is believed to have the highest concentration of bioactive metabolites. Our concentrated red maca is 10x more potent than raw maca, has a softer flavour, is more bio-available, easier...
Amaru Ceremonial Cacao Paste Drops
100% pure organic, single-origin, Peruvian ceremonial cacao paste. New Zealand/Australia-Peruvian owned and operated family business. Our ceremonial Criollo cacao drops are from our Amaru cacao. They have an incredible ratio of 29:1 - theobromine:caffeine meaning they give you long-lasting sustained...
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Concentrated Black Maca
Black Maca is the rarest form of maca that constitutes only 10% of the entire harvest. In Peru black maca is consumed solely as a medicinal treatment for specific conditions. Our concentrated, extracted black maca is 10x more potent than...
Organic Activated Maca Nibs
Heat-activated pure organic yellow maca in delicious crunchy, malt-caramel nib fragments for long-term resilience to stress and improving well-being. Ethically sourced farm to table organic maca direct from Peru Promotes energy, vitality and combats stress and fatigue Balances hormones and...
GPx Immune Protect® Natural Immunity and Glutathione Booster
The ultimate supplement for specific immune protection. Ideal for chronic inflammation, infection prevention and recovery.    GPx Immune Protect® is a revolutionary breakthrough developed from years of clinical research that acts to boost your own natural production of a group of immune enhancing...
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Maca for Men Capsules
Incan tradition states that different colours of Maca can be used to treat different conditions. Our own scientific analysis indicates that this is because different coloured Maca phenotypes contain different bioactive profiles. As Maca experts we work closely with indigenous...
Maca For Men
Maca for Men is a scientifically formulated blend of activated black, yellow, and red maca designed to optimize male health and hormones. Taken daily Maca for Men may assist to: Boost energy and vitality Promote stamina and endurance Balance mental health Improve...
Maca Latte Bundle
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Maca Latte Bundle
Make your own Maca Latte from home. Our authentic Peruvian organic maca is personally sourced by us from our farm in the mountains of Junin, Peru. Maca and cacao are two of the world’s most unique and powerful medicinal superfoods....
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