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GPx Cell Protect®

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  • Fight chronic fatigue and stress

  • Protect the body from colds, flu and infection
  • Build and support a healthy immune system
  • Enhance your mental clarity and focus
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Accelerate healing and exercise recovery times
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Balance your body, mind and sleep
  • Assist with recovery from illness

How does GPx Cell Protect® Work?

GPx Cell Protect® is a unique formula of essential  natural products that your body requires to build and recycle GPx. The formulation was devised following significant scientific research and has 3 key attributes. Ingredients were chosen to:

  1. Boost your own natural levels of GPx and glutathione
  2. Protect your GPx from becoming inactive
  3. Increase absorption of necessary components for building and recycling GPx

As a result of supplementation of these key nutraceutical components GPx Cell Protect® will increase your circulating levels of GPx and allow it to recycle more rapidly, ensuring it stays active for longer. The result is a significant reduction in the impact of oxidative stress, increased energy and better immunity against colds, flu and viral infections.


Supplementing with GPx Cell Protect reduces chronic inflammation and autoimmunity to return oxidative balance. The result is more energy, a stronger immune system and less risk for autoimmunity occurring. Once balanced the body should remain healthy with either a low ongoing maintenance dose required or without needing further supplementation.