Uturunku (Jaguar) Ceremonial Cacao Paste Block - 500g


Uturunku (Jaguar) Ceremonial Cacao Paste Block - 500g


100% Organic, single-origin, rare indigenous Peruvian ceremonial cacao with potent and unique therapeutic properties. Scientifically researched and supported by a Callaghan Innovation research grant.

The Uturunku (Quecha language - Jaguar) in Andean cosmovision represents the Kay Pacha - the natural world of the here and now. This very rare and special ceremonial paste is hand-crafted from indigenous cacao in Tarapoto, Peru, in honour of the Uturunku. It is grown organically under the natural shade of the jungle canopy and each pod is carefully hand-selected by our artisanal farmer to ensure the quality and potency of each block they produce. Made with love and pure intention, it is blessed and provides high-vibrational energy, with reverence for Peru's ancient ceremonial cacao traditions. From the cultural and spiritual origin of cacao - Peru.

This ceremonial cacao is like no other, with our scientific studies showing it to be ultra potent in levels of biogenic amines like tryptamine and phenylethylamine (PEA) for feelings of intense satisfaction, embodiment and spiritual awakening. It also contains high levels of tryptophan for sensations of joy and happiness. The therapeutic and biochemical properties are like none we have ever seen before, making it ideal for ceremonial or personal journeying use. It has a strong profile of earthy, nutty and fruity flavours absorbed from the Amazonian agroforestry in which it grows. You can literally taste the jungle in this one!! 

It is what we would call an internalising cacao that brings embodiment, connection and puts us into the Kay Pacha - the here and now. We recommend this cacao for use in ceremonies involving embodimenttrauma releasemeditationconnection, awakening and for daily use to assist with feeling presentimproving mental healthproviding mental connection and mind-body-spirit balance. Learn more about us and our ceremonial cacao here.

Therapeautic Profile

Sensations: Intense satisfaction, embodiment, connection, spiritual awakening, joy and happiness.

Flavours: Earthy, nutty, fruity.

Best for: Embodiment, trauma release, meditation, awakening, internal journeying, enhancing dream states.

Suggested use: Shave or grate 2-3 Tbsp (20-30g) per person into hot water or hot plant-based milk with or without spices (examples - cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, cayenne) and sweetener (coconut sugar, raw sugar, honey) and blend or whisk until creamy.  

Packaging - 500g blocks hand wrapped in wax paper inside cardboard box.

Ingredients - 100% Pure organic ceremonial cacao.


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