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A holistic path to boost your immune system and wellbeing.

Beyond Organic

We use traditional and native techniques to grow and harvest our plant medicines of Maca and Cacao for health and immune system supplements. It is about taking the plant the way ‘She’ likes. Every batch is tested to ensure the best quality.

Honouring the Custodians

We rescue the land and the farmer from exploitation and bad practices through different charity programs in Peru. Also, we rescue ancient traditions and native techniques to preserve the culture. Our health and immune system supplements are steeped in respect and ethics.

Sustainable Lifestyle

The most ethical way to do business is to ensure it follows a sustainable model. We make sure we are in harmony with our supplier Pachamama (Quechua: Mother Earth). Providing health and immune system benefits to the rest of the world should never be at the detriment of suppliers, especially minority, vulnerable communities. You can confidently purchase our products knowing you are supporting the wellbeing of a community and its precious culture.

Science + Tradition

We combine native knowledge with western science to produce natural health and immune system supplements that work.

Batch Testing

All our health and immune system supplement products are tested for high-quality standards.

Love & intention

The whole supply chain of our health and immune system supplements offers love, ethics and intention in every batch.

Our real costumers

“Seleno Health is incredible! The best quality life changing, body and mind healing effects of the maca has changed my life at an astonishing rate! Now nearly 3 months after being my maca journey I have stopped all pain relief. My fatigue has nearly completely gone and general mood so much higher than it has been in over a decade. Healing my body from endometriosis, this has been the only supplement I'm taking. The black helps mentally, focus, clarity, while the red and women's blend helps with hormones and other areas. I can't recommend highly enough to anyone looking for a better way of life. Thank you seleno health for changing my life for the better ❤️"

Keele T.

13 APR 2021

"I honestly love you guys!!! 🤎 I’ve tried ALOT of cacao and by far yours is my favourite, I use it for all my group cacao ceremonies and my own self practice xx"

Bella, @bella_baberaham

14 JUN 2021

"Oh my Goddess 🙌🏻 I could feel my heart wide open and my body so receptive to dive into the magic that is the Earths elements. Thank you for this medicine 💗🙏🏻💗"


21 Jul 2021

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Maca and Cacao deliver diverse benefits for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Comprehensive treatment of a patient is growing more and more support from mainstream medical practitioners who have realised that you cannot treat the symptoms or apparent physical causes. You have to treat the entire person. This includes mental and spiritual wellbeing.


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Our scientifically researched, ethically sourced and premium quality medicinal Activated Maca powder and Cacao formulas offer you solutions for all your health concerns or health goals. The source plants are grown on the pristine mountains of Peru that are revered by their communities. The highest peaks are venerated as the most sacred and powerful, reaching for the heavens. The smaller mountains are not excluded from the love of the locals, and each peak is a special place in folklore and spiritual traditions.



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