Are you a practitioner feeling the call of cacao to incorporate it into your workshops? Do you currently run cacao ceremonies but want to dive deeper into the ancestral knowledge behind it and support a kiwi business here in Australia and farming family in Peru and Mexico? Or maybe just someone looking to start on the journey of discovery into this unique ancient master plant?

Why learn with us?

  • Cultural appropriation and authenticity - indigenous ancestral knowledge taught by indigenous people from Peru and Mexico with reverence and respect for their cultures. Learn knowledge passed down through generations with a focus on Andean and Amazonian cosmovision.
  • Connection to the source - learn the traditional uses of cacao, the origin, the tools, the processes, environment, temples, tribes, farmers and communities behind it. Each block has a direct story, history, tradition and face behind it. Meet the makers.
  • A focus of health and wellness - We blend ancient knowledge with modern scientific bio-medical research. Understand the how's and why's behind cacao and the amazing ways it works in our body. Learn first hand from biomedical researchers working with cacao.

Level Ukhu Pacha Online Cacao Course

This course is the foundational requirement to deepen your connection to cacao for your own personal practice and to provide the knowledge required to begin to use cacao in ceremonies, circles and for treatment. It is a distance learning program that can be completed in your own time and involves course work, assessment and an online follow up live discussion group. 'Ukhu Pacha' from Andean Cosmovision is the lower world of the Andean trilogy and is represented by the serpent or spiral holding wisdom and knowledge. Ukhu Pacha is our connection to our ancestors and ancestral knowledge.


Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training - Uku Pacha Online Course


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Part 1 - The ancient traditions of cacao

  • The history of cacao and its journey through the Americas
  • The temples and tribes that used cacao and their cosmovision
  • The tools for cacao and significance of each used in traditional preparation
  • Understanding the indigenous views of cacao in community and connection to ancestry. Andean and Amazonian Cosmovision.
  • The principals of reverence, gratitude and honouring cacao

Part 2 - cacao production and processes

  • The differences in production from traditional ways to modern methods
  • Current issues in the cacao industry
  • What is ceremonial cacao
  • Cacao paste vs beans vs butter vs powder vs cocoa
  • Rescue cacao and our sustainable programs in Peru - meet our farmer and community
  • Seleno Cacao products, dosing, usage and FAQs

Part 3 - the science and health benefits

  • Linking science to ancient cacao traditions
  • The main classes of unique bioactive molecules in cacao and their actions
  • Comparing different cacao pastes - head to head analysis
  • Contraindications, FAQs and treating different health conditions with cacao

Course summary

Total estimated duration - 14-20 hours

Format - webinar content, online reading. 

Assessment - written and live online group discussion.

Requirements for completion - a minimum understanding of the foundational properties as assessed by written assessments and knowledge sharing during group discussions.

Upon completion - Certificate of completion from Seleno Health, access to our facilitation program, wholesale packages, cacao for ceremonial use, collaboration and co-branding opportunities, event promotion on our website and social media and access to our advanced training program - Level 2.

Cost- $400

Next Steps -> Purchase below -> Receive links and assessment questions for part 1 -> Complete and return -> Book in an online group meeting time -> Join and partake in the group discussion of the assessment answers -> Repeat for part 2 and part 3 -> Course complete and certification issued along with facilitator support package.

Your facilitators

Our Story

Our ceremonial cacao

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Olmeca descendant and cacao ceremonial initiator. Veronica is an initiated fire ceremonialist (sahumadora) and medicine woman taught by Mayan elders. She is also a culture ambassador of Cacao in Tabasco Mexico. She will be educating and initiating you to the art of ceremony with cacao.
Native Peruvian of Andean descent and industrial engineer. Ancestral educator of traditional Peruvian medicinal plants. She has a passion to bring the sacred plant knowledge of her people to the world and promoting respect and acknowledgement to the indigenous farmers and communities that produce them.
Sally will share ancient wisdom, tools used in cacao ceremonies and ways to incorporate cacao into your daily life.
(New Zealand - PhD) - Corin is a bio-medical researcher who studies the neurochemistry of cacao and the bioactive components contained within it. His expertise is to create and apply therapeutic profiles to cacao for use in different health applications. He will be educating on the use of cacao in enhancing neuroplasticity and spiritual development. Linking ancient wisdom with modern day integration.
A Peruvian educator of Andean and Amazonia cosmovision and ancestral knowledge. Pamela has a family lineage of Chankan-Andean ancestors and wants to share the sacred traditions surrounding Peruvian master plants and inspire people to create a healing connection with them, connect to their roots, and give love and respect to Pachamama – the provider of all medicine. Pamela will be teaching you the principals of Andean and Amazonian cosmovision and how to apply them to your practice with cacao. Pamela is also a Yoga instructor and will be facilitating daily integrative yoga workshops at the retreat.
The lead farmer at our Uturunku farm. 15 years working with cacao in production and ancestry from Jaen, the home of cacao. Arturo will share his wisdom and knowledge of artisanal ceremonial cacao production. Showing you around the farm and teaching you to become a ceremonial cacao farmer for a day. He is also an expert of Amazonian flora and fauna and will share wisdom about natural plant remedies and medicine from the jungle.
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