Shaved Amaru Ceremonial Cacao Blocks - 250g

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Shaved Amaru Ceremonial Cacao Blocks - 250g


Ready to eat - we have Powdered your cacao block to save you time and effort

100% pure organic, single-origin, Peruvian ceremonial cacao paste.


Made only from virgin crop, meaning the first crop of the tree and the finest hand-selected agroforestry, shade-grown cacao pods. Our ceremonial Criollo cacao has an incredible ratio of 29:1 - theobromine:caffeine. Perfect for the uplifting, heart opening effects without the negative side-effects of caffeine over-stimulation.


Our ceremonial cacao is fermented and full bean, generated from milling the whole bean into a creamy, rich paste following ancient traditions. It contains all the antioxidants and bioactives of the whole bean, with beautiful rich aromatic oils to make a therapeutic, creamy elixir once mixed into hot water. Tested and shown to contain the highest levels of theobromine (uplifting), ethanolamines (bliss), tryptophan (joy), tryptamine (awakening), phenylethylamine (satisfaction), polyphenols (clarity), magnesium (stress), zinc (immune) and other essential minerals. The most therapeutic quality cacao you can find, ideal for ceremonial use and health benefits.


We provide the highest quality, pure ceremonial cacao so you can feel the love too! We personally source our beans from Peru (see our farm here) to find the most potent, therapeutic & flavour rich cacao possible. Learn more about us and our ceremonial cacao here.


Every batch is tested and shown to be safe from heavy metals and cadmium. We go beyond fair trade and work exclusively with one family farm that uses sustainable natural agroforestry practices (see here). Our cacao is artisinally grown, fermented and dried (<50 deg), while maintaining neutral acidity to provide the best aroma and taste.

Connect with our cacao and let it open your heart and heal your body.


See how easy it is to open your heart to our cacao here.


Suggested use:  2 Tbsp (30g) per person into hot water or hot plant-based milk with or without spices (examples - cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, cayenne) and sweetener (coconut sugar, raw sugar, honey) and blend or whisk until creamy. Download our ceremonial cacao recipe here.

Ingredients - 100% Pure organic ceremonial cacao. 

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